The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International
EHFC Award is presented to a practicing Public Health
Inspector who has made outstanding contributions
primarily to the promotion of food safety in Canada.













Sylvanus Thompson (L) receiving the award from
EHFC Trustee Marilyn Lee (R)

The Environmental Health Foundation of
Canada is pleased to announce that Sylvanus
Thompson, Quality Assurance Manager,
Toronto Public Health is the 2011 EHFC-National
Sanitation Foundation International Food Safety Award winner.

Sylvanus was nominated by his colleague
Raymond Ramdayal who spoke of Sylvanus’ training
and qualifications including a M.Sc. in Food Safety and Quality Assurance and a Ph.D. in Public Health Administration.

Sylvanus played major roles in the
implementation of the Toronto Food Inspection and
Disclosure System (DineSafe) and was the lead manager for the evaluation of the program in
2003. He is a member of several internal and
external committees including: the Technical Food
Safety Standards Committee (Chair); Ontario
Multi-Agency Foodborne Illness, Food Recall
Work Group, and; Ministry of Health and Long
Term Care Food Safety Steering Committee.

He is the recipient of various community and professional awards, including the Ontario Food
Safety Award for outstanding contribution to
food safety. Sylvanus sponsors an Annual
Outstanding Food Safety Inspector Award for
Public Health Inspectors in Jamaica, in an effort to
improve food safety standards in that country.