EHFC TempSafe®

The Environmental Health Foundation of Canada (EHFC) is the charitable education and research arm of CIPHI. As such, we have developed various food safety products to enhance your education strategies. Our TempSafe® symbols provide an opportunity to ensure that your food safety messages will continue to be emphasized after food safety inspections, food handler training, etc.

The symbols can be used as prompts and reminders for storing food safely by distributing them as fridge magnets, lapel pins, or static clings. They can be worn by food handlers and attached on the outside of fridges, coolers, freezers and on hot display tables/units. Using these symbols will serve as a prompt to operators/food handlers to check and confirm that safe food temperatures are being maintained.

The TempSafe® symbols are trademarked by the EHFC and are available in both official languages. The symbols can also be produced to include your health agency information (i.e. name, phone number, website etc.). The TempSafe® symbols provide consistent and simple messaging.

These same TempSafe® symbols were included in the widely distributed pamphlets "Food Safety at Home -- You're in Control" and "Chill Out" produced by the Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education. The TempSafe® symbols are also used in Ontario as part of the Farmers' Markets and Community Group/Church education packages sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

The Symbols have been used by several environmental public health agencies across Canada as a common tool that will enhance your food safety strategy with consistent messages on safe food holding temperatures. We recently serveyed our current clients that use the TempSafe® symbols, and in summary, PHIs use the magnets and static cling stickers as a tool to reinforce their food safety message(s) they provide to food handlers and owner/operators during their inspections/risk assessments. They are also used for fairs, food handler courses and whenever the opportunity arises to reinforce food handling temperature control.