Klaus Seeger, BASc (Env. Hlth), CPHI(C)

Klaus Seeger’s 35 years in public health stems from an early interest in environmental public health and the focus of his work was primarily from a managerial perspective. He was Editor of the Ontario Branch News a quarterly publication of CIPHI for 10 years and then President CIPHI (Ontario Branch) 1989-91.  He was a director, Ontario Public Health Association Board of Directors for five years, participating on various committees. In 1999 he received the prestigious Alex Cross Award from CIPHI for ‘Displaying the Highest Standard of Professional Practice’.  In 2005 he received the Life Membership Award for CIPHI and in 2008 received the Distinguished Services Award from the Association of Local Public Health Agencies (Ontario).  He is past Chair and long-time member of the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada and a member of the CIPHI History Committee.  In 2008, upon semi-retirement, began an environmental public health consulting service focusing on risk assessment, hazard identification and analysis.  Klaus became a trustee of the EHFC while being president of the (Ontario Branch of CIPHI and has been a trustee for the past 21 years in various capacities. I believe strongly in the objectives of the Foundation being the education and research arm of the Institute, the projects and products available from the Foundation will enhance the work of the environmental public health profession.