How To Participate

You can contribute to the work of the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada by:

• Giving a donation to the Foundation (donate)
• Making a bequest in your will
• Donating a fundraising gift to the foundation
• Establishing a Trust Fund for the Foundation
• Sponsoring a project

Donations, bequests and Trust Funds can be directed to specific projects or to general operations. Gifts may be raffled at events as a fund raiser. Find out more about our Donor Recognition Program by contacting the Foundation Treasurer at

Get directly involved in the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada by:

• Becoming a member of one of the EHFC working committees: Communications, Food Safety, Fundraising, Products, and Projects
• Proposing/sponsoring a fund-raising activity
• Proposing a detailed operational plan for an EHFC sponsored project
• Becoming an EHFC contributing member

Benefits of helping the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada:

1) Donate to the work of the Foundation:

• Help fund projects leading to optimal health of Canadians and/or citizens of an under-developed country
• All donations are income tax deductible
• Community visibility of your interest in environmental public health issues
• Opportunity to fund a specific project in environmental public health

2) By getting involved as a committee member or Trustee:

• Gain an understanding and appreciation of group dynamics
• Contribute to the betterment of the community
• Develop professional and social contacts
• Develop leadership, group and communication skills
• Obtain hands on project experience
• Obtain Continuing Professional Competencies credit