Septic System Maintenance Pure & Simple Video

The Foundation acquired the copyrights for a video educational package from the Central Fraser Valley Union Board of Health for distribution across Canada. Our vice Chair Tim Roark and Treasurer Charlie Young were instrumental in the development of the package. The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors as a partner has also agreed to participate in the promotion and distribution of this excellent programme. The package includes: the video, a pamphlet which provides advice, in easy to understand language, how to maintain a private sewage disposal system; a large poster for promotional purposes; and transparencies that accompany the video to enhance any presentation. The components of this package are applicable for the home owner, and agencies who work in the programme and wish to provide seminars on the subject. In the video, TV personality John Barton takes viewers through the inner workings of a conventional septic tank and gravity flow tile bed. Mr. Barton discusses basic maintenance activities to prevent problems; what can go wrong and what tell tale signs to look for if regular maintenance does not occur.

The video costs CDN$20 ,which includes one pamphlet. For five or more videos the cost is CDN$15 each. Additional pamphlets are 25 cents (Canadian) each. When ordering more than 10,000 the cost is reduced to 10 cents (Canadian). Go to Video Order Form

Education Package

One of the goals of this project is to have one copy of the video available in every library in Canada for use by the public and owners of private sewage disposal systems. One other possibility is to provide a copy to video stores who have rural customers who may benefit in viewing the video. The intent would be to provide the copies free to the applicable libraries and video stores. However, a sponsor or adequate funding is needed to accomplish this task. It is estimated that $10,000 would accomplish this goal.

At this time the video has been distributed heavily in British Columbia. Health departments in areas of Alberta and Ontario have obtained the video, pamphlets and posters for education. Environment Canada has also purchased a number of videos, pamphlets and posters.

For a detailed budget and distribution plan go to the Contact Us page.

Sewage Video Information Sheet (PDF)

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